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Lucky Ricochet

My boys, The Karma Exchange have done it again! Absolutely tits work on the video! So glad to see this incredible work we did together get pushed so hard!

And 1k views, too… People are finally catching on, eh?

Fun with pedals!!!

Bass synth tone for Crosswalk Anarchy’s debut EP. Amazing musicians!


Check out this cover of The Dillinger Escape Plan I and my band put together!!!

Good Karma


If you guys haven’t yet checked out this project. It is a gem! The Karma Exchange has done it again. I recorded, mixed and even played on this one. And man, what a freakin’ blast!

The Karma Exchange – Neon Translation

Houston Bernard


A great project was release today from a great guy. Houston Bernard has had a varied career of music and finally set up shop doing some great country tunes! Was a great pleasure to record and sing on this record!

Houston Bernard – Fine Ol Time

Harp and Steel

Was a big pleasure to have some local legends in the studio today!!! These guys have played with some serious talent BECAUSE they are seriously talented! You can always learn from guys like these.




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